Find The Best Accessories For Your Gaming PC


So you’ve picked out (or built) the perfect gaming PC — that’s the hard part — but now what you need are accessories. Because while you may have a monstrous rig capable of running the most graphics-intensive games on the market at 60 frames per second, you won’t have a very good time actually playing those titles if your keyboard is clunky, your headset uncomfortable, and your mouse plagued by bad third-party customization software.

Congress just cleared the way for internet providers to sell your web browsing history


Internet providers now just need a signature from President Trump before they’re free to take, share, and even sell your web browsing history without your permission.

The House of Representatives passed a resolution today overturning an Obama-era FCC rule that required internet providers to get customers’ permission before sharing their browsing history with other companies. The rules also required internet providers to protect that data from hackers and inform customers of any breaches.


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Apple Releases IOS 10.3 and MacOS 10.12.4, Will Make Your Phone Seem Faster.

A busy day in Cupertino provides us with two updates for Apple products. In IOS 10.3 Apple is quietly upgrading all IOS devices to APFS which is a new file system designed from the ground up with mobile devices and flash storage in mind. 

It replaces HFS+ which was originally designed and implemented 31 years ago. For the full story check out the links below.